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Lost in…?

During the too-brief period when I worked in a bookshop, a colleague told me about an argument he’d had recently about reading the latest translation of Don Quixote (yes, booksellers are actually like this. I was pleased too). The other … Continue reading

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Book review: Speculative Japan 2

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that there are two publishers (that I know of) specialising in Japanese SFF in translation: Kurodahan Press and Haikasoru. I own a few titles from each, but today I’m reviewing my favourite: Kurodahan … Continue reading

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Translating good stories

After such a positive first couple of posts, I thought it was time to talk about some things that annoy me. Two things annoyed me repeatedly at the London Book Fair: snobbery about genre fiction, and use of the phrase … Continue reading

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BCLT Masterclass fun

The other thing that made last week such an excellent translation week for me was the translation masterclass at the Free Word Centre with the utterly brilliant Michael Emmerich (also organised by BCLT. Aren’t they great?). Michael sent us several … Continue reading

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London Book Fair 2013

This week has been pretty excellent, translation-wise. I spent Monday and Tuesday at the London Book Fair, which is something I always enjoy – I’ve attended for six years running now, as a student, an exhibitor and now as a … Continue reading

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About Me

‘I can’t believe,’ my friend Morgan said the other day, ‘how many translators there are out there who don’t have any kind of web presence.’ ‘I…used to tweet,’ I said. ‘And I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a … Continue reading

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