Writing essays, selling books

This week has been exam week for me, which has not been fun. I can say with some confidence that no exams will ever be as difficult and terrifying as the ones I took for my B.A., but still, exams are never fun and I will be much happier tomorrow evening when they’re all over. And next week is new job week, hooray!

Oh yes, new job – apparently sometimes when you make a wish on the internet it comes true (or something). When I wrote my About page last month I said ‘I was a bookseller once, too, and I’d love to do that again’, and now I am going to be doing it again! Starting on Thursday, you’ll find me working part-time at Foyles in St Pancras Station. It’s a really nice bookshop, and I’m very much looking forward to working there (and also very pleased to have a source of regular income, to make my freelancing life feel less precarious!). If you’re in the area, come in and say hi! Buy books! We even have some in French.

Oh, and also, yay for staff discount! I’ve already decided what my first purchase is going to be.

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