Fresh start.

Hi everybody! I live in Toronto now. Life at the moment is a bit of a weird whirlwind of apartment-hunting and opening bank accounts and figuring out what lives where at the supermarket. We’ve been here nearly a week now and a few things are beginning to slot into place, but there’s still quite a bit to do before we begin to feel at home here. It’s so exciting to be in a new city, though, and Toronto is great. Today I finally found a bit of time to go to the SFF bookstore in my neighbourhood – it is TWENTY MINUTES’ WALK from me and it is everything I ever wanted my section at the bookshop to be (also many times bigger, which helps). I am looking for a job in Something Book-Related (let me know if you have one) and trying to catch up on the stuff I missed in early April while I was on holiday. Oh, and I have been reading some great Canadian literature – I’m nearly done with The Orenda, which my lovely colleagues at Foyles gave me as a leaving present. I’ll hopefully get back into semi-regular blogging when things settle down a bit – until then, you can find me on Twitter 🙂

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