New wish list

I’m quite fond of the #mswl hashtag on Twitter – I love posting my whims on there and seeing if anybody responds – but I thought it was probably time to put up an official wish list on my blog as well, so that I can keep it current and update it whenever I like. You can find it here.

It ranges from the broad (narrative non-fiction) to the weirdly specific (post-post-apocalyptic SFF), but it’s all stuff that I’ve been craving for a while, and if you’re writing any of it I’d love to see it. Of course this doesn’t mean that this is all I’m looking for – I still love to be surprised with manuscripts I never knew I wanted (conversely, if you feel that you’re writing exactly what I’m looking for and I reject you anyway, I’m sorry. What can I say, these are very subjective issues!). And of course, the main things I’m looking for in fiction are still unusual, immersive worlds populated by diverse characters. I don’t think that will ever change.

But if you do happen to be writing any solarpunk, or a story about monks in space, you know where to send it when you’re finished.

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