This is my face.

Hello! I’m Lydia and I like making books happen. I’m currently doing that mostly at The Rights Factory in Toronto, where I’m a literary and foreign rights agent. I’m also a freelance translator (Japanese to English), editor, publishing consultant and ex-bookseller – check my ‘Translator‘ section if you want to know more about any of that.

I’ve spent most of my career in the UK, but I moved to Canada in April 2014. In all facets of my bookish career, I am motivated by a core belief that everybody needs “books that are windows, and also books that are mirrors”. In practice, that means that I am keen on bringing more translated literature into English, and also on representing books by and about people from marginalised groups. I am still building my client list, and I welcome queries from unpublished authors.

I like: science fiction and fantasy, children’s books, publishing geekery, hula hooping, learning Japanese, learning Korean, doing Progressive Judaism, travelling to exciting places, and drinking interesting teas. In any combination, and not in that order.


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