Literary Agent

I’m a literary agent based in Toronto. I work for The Rights Factory, a boutique agency with a great track record of finding and nurturing debut authors, and I’m keen to continue that tradition – I’m not just looking to sell your one book, I’m looking to help you build your career. I’m a foreign rights specialist, and I look to sell into as many territories as I can. I am a member of PACLA.

For fiction, I’m mostly looking for science fiction and fantasy titles for adults, because that’s where my heart is, but I’m tempted by anything out-of-the-ordinary – if your manuscript fits some of my other criteria but isn’t SFF/isn’t for adults then do please submit anyway. I love strong, inventive worldbuilding and unusual protagonists, and I’m a sucker for books inspired by folklore from around the world. I’m interested in unusual or little-known historical settings (either alt-history or actual real history) and I love books with a strong sense of place (real or imaginary) – I want to feel transported when I read. I’m not super-keen on romance, and I find love/hate ‘I loathe him for his arrogance but somehow I can’t resist him’-type dynamics particularly off-putting.

I know the Bechdel Test is not the be-all and end-all of feminist criticism, but it’s fair to say that I will not take a book that doesn’t pass that test. I strongly believe that we need diverse books written by diverse authors, and I aim to support and encourage authors from marginalised groups in any way I can. I’m also interested in representing books that have been translated into English, though that’s usually something I discuss with agents in other countries.

I’m also looking for narrative non-fiction proposals on a wide range of topics – history, travel, popular science, biography, or any other area where there are interesting stories to tell.

I have a manuscript wish list here which I update whenever I feel like it.

Current query status: CLOSED TO QUERIES


17 Responses to Literary Agent

  1. pibarrington says:

    Oh! If only I’d seen this before I submitted The Brede Chronicles to a new publisher! It would have been perfect for you I think!

  2. Coconut says:

    Hi Lydia! Sounds great for me and I would like to send you my query but I live in the South Pacific… ? Sunny regards!

  3. Heather says:

    Do you only rep unpublished authors? Or would take on already published authors?

  4. Hi Lydia,

    I sent you a query but it turned out quite squashed. Hope it isn’t too long winded for you.

  5. Layne says:

    Submitted to you, but it looks like the formatting got messed up.

  6. Lisa Hope says:

    Congratulations on your new position! Are you only interested in Adult SF/F or would you consider a YA SF/F? I saw your Tweet for MSWL and can solve your alien/space need/craving.

  7. Your submission web form scares me. Ha ha. 🙂 Are you expecting only query letters with no pages, or are you expecting a certain number of pages to be included after the “body” of the message that we submit? I’m not clear on your submission guidelines. Please advise and thanks!! “:)

    • Lydia says:

      My submission guidelines say ‘use the contact form here to submit your query letter’, which just means query letter – no attachments, no copy-pasted pages from the MS, just the query letter. Thanks for checking 🙂

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