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I only like book fairs when I am at book fairs.

I have this problem with book fairs, which is that I hate them at all times unless I am actually at them. It doesn’t matter how many fairs I go to (and I’m well into double figures now), and it … Continue reading

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OUP ‘bans’ pigs in books. Except not for the reasons you think.

Before I start this little rant, I need to make sure everybody knows a few things about how children’s publishing works. Here we go: Illustrated publishing (including children’s publishing) runs on co-editions. A co-edition is where two or more editions … Continue reading

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Books that are windows, books that are mirrors

I was quietly pricing birthday cards in the shop this morning when a customer came over holding a copy of Atinuke and Lauren Tobia’s book Splash! Anna Hibiscus. ‘I have never seen a picture book like this,’ she said excitedly. … Continue reading

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On recommendations and reading ages

I’ve been picking up some extra shifts in the bookshop this week, which has meant that a) my dissertation has been taking a back seat again (ARGH!), and b) I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the things that … Continue reading

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Probably my favourite Japanese picture book

Takako is a new student, recently transferred to the narrator’s elementary school. She’s…well, she’s a bit odd. She writes with a brush instead of a pencil, and she plays the biwa instead of the recorder. She speaks oddly too, and … Continue reading

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Japanese and Korean picture books

Following on from my last post, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Japanese and Korean picture books with you. There’s no particular theme here – this isn’t a list of famous books, or prize-winning books, or even books … Continue reading

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So, why translation?

People often ask me why I’m studying translation. It’s a question to which there are an awful lot of answers (much like ‘why Japanese?’, which is another question I get asked a lot). One is that I love the act … Continue reading

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