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I only like book fairs when I am at book fairs.

I have this problem with book fairs, which is that I hate them at all times unless I am actually at them. It doesn’t matter how many fairs I go to (and I’m well into double figures now), and it … Continue reading

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Translation and strawberry laces

I’ve been eating a lot of strawberry laces recently. I don’t really know why – I just bought a packet on a whim one day last month and remembered that they are cheap and delicious and also fun to eat, … Continue reading

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Staff Picks, part I

Since I started work at the bookshop, I have recommended a lot of books. Plenty of individual customers ask for recommendations, of course, but in addition to this we have a bay near the front of the shop dedicated to … Continue reading

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Book review: The Letter for the King

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to love this book as much as I did. I mean, I was expecting to like it – it seemed like a good story, I’m always glad to see more children’s literature in … Continue reading

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Reviewing translations

I didn’t mean to drop off the edge of the blogging world there. I just finished my dissertation and…didn’t feel like writing anything else. Ever. I hear that’s a reasonably common reaction. Instead I have been reading a lot, and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about my MA

This week I’m taking some time away from other stuff, to finish off my dissertation and hopefully have some time for reflection before Yom Kippur on Friday night. The dissertation is actually pretty much finished, I think, so it’s just … Continue reading

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In between

One of the things I really loved about Summer School was the chance to hear so many other people’s ‘how/why I got into translation’ stories. We’re all so different – some of us grew up speaking more than one language … Continue reading

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